Saturday, April 7, 2012

Paradox of the Highest Order

Almost 6 months ago, a hockey season started up in Columbus...with hopes that were so high we've now suffered through 80 some games that at times have had many of us wanting to throw up our hands in disbelief.

We've struggled through some highs and some very VERY deep lows. Its been the paradox of this season. How did this all happen? How did we get here? But every win still feels good. As I think back to what we've lived through the list is long and not always so distinguished....
  • FreeWiz
  • WizMas
  • Carter Controversy
  • Vinning
  • 0-8
  • Who is in goal NOW?
  • NashGate
  • Camsanity
  • Arena deal secured
  • Keep Piling On
  • Loss of our ECHL affiliate
  • Clockgate
  • DD
  • JMFJ
  • I'll show you the stats on that
  • CBJ has a DJ
  • TweetUps
  • Hattricks galore
  • Hunwick
  • Fail for Nail
  • An IR seemingly longer than our roster
  • All-Star Game
But where does this leave us now? It leaves us with one game left - one last opportunity to savor the CBJ - somewhat as it was envisioned (for better or worse). Next year has been ensured to be one of the biggest series of changes this franchise has seen - if for no other reason that we bid adieu to Rick Nash. When I talked at the beginning of the season about how "change was coming" and that we should savor this time with our boys on the ice, little did I know how significant the pending change would be and who would be affected.

So tonight - while there's certainly a part of me that wants this cursed season to just be over with already, I know for sure that a part of me is going to miss heading down to "The Greeg" to take in the wonderful game on ice. And yes, we have playoffs to watch, but its just not the same as heading into our "own" arena, feeling the chill in the air, hearing the scuff of skate on ice, the shouts of our boys to one another, or chanting "Chili" every few games.

I'll be down at the Arena tonight, hoping to take it all in in hopes that it just might sustain me for a bit through the off season. We know our Blue Jackets will never quite look like this again - and that is for better, and for worse. I love ya, hockey, and I love the boys in the Union Blue.