Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What this blog is all about...

So I can't help myself. I'm going to start blogging about the Columbus Blue Jackets. (and yes I'm going to work on the god awful design of this page)

I figure its only sensible to clarify a few things first so that the flamers know exactly who they are bashing when they come a callin' :)

I'm a sports fan since birth, but admittedly still learning a lot about the game of hockey. If you're looking to find astute critique of so and so's technique, or the proper defensive scheme for our team to excel or an in-depth analysis of the draft market and how we work within our salary cap - I thank you for stopping by but please move on. There are many MANY bloggers I respect who do a much better job than I at that. And quite frankly - I'd just look foolish.

What this is about is the perspective of one fan. One fan who believes that the job of a fan is to support the team they choose to follow. One fan who believes that concepts of team and dedication and desire are potentially just as important as an amazing forecheck or shot. Movies like Rudy, Rocky, Better Off Dead? Yep - I buy into all of them (what? You haven't seen Better Off Dead? Its only like one of the best movies EVER!).

But I'm also not stupid. I've been around long enough to know that hockey is a business - that teams can suck and that sometimes even your very favorite player is expendable no matter how great he is in your mind. And yes, I have no doubt someone at some point will call me Pollyanna but I do know our beloved Jackets have a looong way to go.

So - if you want to hear the musings of someone who is interested in the alchemy that will combine with skill to make us a winning and...dare I say it...playoff contender, then stick around.

Otherwise, I simply leave you with this - I do believe and Go Jackets!!


  1. Yuss!!! Welcome to the fold Ali!!!!!

  2. Just so long as they don't get rid of your heart melter; Dorse! Haha!