Monday, March 12, 2012


HT @RedditCBJ for the slick graphic
Yep. So THAT happened!!! Saturday night, just over 60 amazing people from all over (including from St. Louis!) decided to come together at BWW's in Grandview (HT Greg!) to put on an event where we could eat, drink, and watch our beloved, beleaguered Blue Jackets take on...the Blues. (Grrr)

It's amazing to realize that when we started this new tradition of #TweetUps in the pre-season of this year, who'd have thought it'd become an event that occurs every game and that everyone would turn it into such an event as Saturday. We had a ticket giveaway, we had "games", a visit from our very own CBJ_DJ and tons and tons of great people. What's particularly cool, is that I saw many people on Saturday who were in that original picture in the post I linked to above, and that those folks, and so many new ones, are people I count as real friends who I would have not met otherwise without our twitter fights/fun/debates and silliness.

There are so many people to thank who made the event possible - every time I try to start the list of the folks responsible for this event's success it gets too long - so consider it this way - if you were there on Saturday? THANK YOU for making #CBJTweetUpDrinkUp a success. If you tweeted about the event? THANK YOU for making #CBJTweetUpDrinkUp a success. If you even knew about it, THANK YOU too. If you contributed to the many, many meme's well....(haha, just kidding) THANK YOU. Seriously - everyone had a hand in making this thing one of the best CBJ nights in a long time.

Tweeple celebrating #Camsanity
The best part of the night was so many people saying "we need to do this again!" So, stay tuned friends...we'll find some time to hang out and hopefully be just another outlet for CBJ fans to have some fun.

In the mean time, if you're looking to carry on the #Lovefest that was Saturday just a little bit more here's some fun things for you:

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If you guys come across any other great parts of the evening, feel free to add them in the comments or let me know and I'll update the post as well.