Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And So It Begins...

Maybe its just me, but you can feel an energy in the is getting closer. Brassard, Jeff Carter, Mark Dekanich, and quite few other players are either here, en route, or soon to be...(Looking at YOU, Mason.)

But, as the weather cools, and the rink is prepped (Seriously sweet shots in Monday's Twitter feed by Joe Wilkins), for those of us who've been around for a while, there's something else hanging around...and that's a new kind of suspense about our favorite Jackets. In the midst of excitement swirling around young bucks like Dekanich, Johansen, and proven NHL guys like Carter, Prospal, and the Wiz (my current favorite new addition), something else is happening.

For the first time in a long time - the year ahead holds real promise, and - aside from the Hockey News - people are optimistic. (No link intentionally to that ranking) And to bake that cake, well you have to break some eggs. And that means that some of us are faced with the uncertainty of what will happen to our long standing crushes, favorites, and stalker targets. A hot discussion topic that's appeared more than I can remember in past seasons is "who are the healthy scratches?"

Our dear Julie  has already had to grieve the loss of her beloved Jake, but who is next? If we believe that the roster changes both in Columbus and Springfield hold as much promise as we're told, there's simply not enough roster spots for those who are here, and those who are "coming up". Will we see the writing on the wall during training camp? Will there be a pre-season surprise of who comes or (gulp!) who goes? Will someone spend an inordinate (depending on who you ask!) time in the Press Box before finding their way to another roster?

We. Just. Don't. Know.

Now Dark Blue Jacket will tell you (or, er, me ;) ) that this is why he doesn't own a jersey with any Jacket player* - past or present. That we need to choose team over player. And, allow me to be clear (sets Dorsett love to the side for one brief second) I AGREE 100%. But, if we really are on the trajectory that we think we are, some of the guys we've loved to watch for years aren't going to be around much longer. (Climbs right back on Dorsett train).

So to those of you who, like me, have tremendous love for someone who's not sitting pretty with an assured spot on the top two lines (and whose name isn't Johansen ;) ) here's what I say, let's remember to take all this in. For some guys, this season may (may! may not!) contain the last games they play in Union Blue. So in the midst of anxiety, expectation, and years of pent up, um...frustration regarding this team, let's take time to appreciate our players - what they do, what they've done, and, should they leave us, may we wish them well. None of us knows what will happen or who will - or will not - step up this year.

For those we lose along the way - remember, even if that loss is critical to this team's growth and long term success, somewhere, someone is probably grieving the loss of their favorite Jacket (I mean, c'mon, now that Strahlman is gone, everyone's going to be missed by SOMEONE ;) ). So be kind to those who may lose a beloved Jacket, and remember to try and appreciate everyone's game. Hopefully, this is a year we'll all remember for much more good than bad.

Let's Go Jackets! #CallToArms

[FULL DISCLAIMER: I remain loyal in my belief that Derek Dorsett with continue to contribute throughout this season - ON THE ICE in Nationwide Area (I have to circumvent all of Jeff Little's caveats) and be a valuable Jacket as we make our way into the Pl*yoffs!!!!]

*His CBJ jersey reads Mirasty. But he never played a league game on the CBJ roster ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good things happen to good people...

So I had my little CannonFest recap yesterday, and while I tried to stay restrained, I can't tell you the level of awe I've carried with me since Sunday for the stunning video work of one Tom Larrow (aka @Skraut_).

I've had the pleasure of knowing Tom for a little while now, and this guy is just good people. He's married to a fantastic woman (who has a great laugh! Oh, and who let's me know whenever a DD highlight is coming ;) ) and sitting and visiting with him is truly a pleasure.

Many of you have seen other accolades for Tom - and I hope we continue to see more - I will refer you once again to the words of Dark Blue Jacket who has stats on exactly how much work went into Tom's videos. But, so far, you've seen a lot of words and what I want to make sure you realize is that those approximately 11 minutes of video represent MONTHS of work. Even before July Tom was watching every single Blue Jackets game...again (there's something to consider undertaking...December 2010 anyone?). As Tom's wife shared, it takes more frames than one can even realize to represent a single second and Tom went a frame at a time to match a single syllable cheer in a song to a players reaction on the ice. By the time we saw two videos on Sunday, Tom had poured over them so many times, his wife knew every single highlight, in sequence, well before it showed on the screen.

But back to Tom - again, this guy is someone you want to get to know. He is caring, smart, engaging, loyal. Above all those amazing video talents, lies the heart and soul of a great person - and so, it gave me chills when I just saw Tom share that his video "Call to Arms"  and "Jump Start My Heart" are on

Share these links, people. Tweet 'em, post 'em, visit again and again. Let's show that this year, CBJ is going to get all the right ways.

Tom - its an honor to know you...oh, and you're a rock star.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Did You Ever Believe?...Well I Sure Do! CannonFest 2011

We have clarified that I may have some obsessive tendencies. So, if you were at CannonFest on Sunday, you may not be surprised to know that I have purchased Vox Populi by 30 Seconds to Mars as my dear friend Tom (@Skraut_) has successfully embedded it into my brain as the latest, most endearing earworm (and yes, its playing now).

If you follow the Blue Jackets blog community, you have most certainly read the many wonderful recaps by our most prominent residents...

Ken shares how Sunday made us all Part of Something Special

And so many more...

So, as I've said many times, I leave the Hockey heavy-lifting to my many esteemed colleagues listed above and more. I'll just share with you my take on a truly amazing weekend.

Its a real treat when a shared love, in this case hockey, brings people into your life who make spending time together a pleasure. So here's what CannonFest means to me...and, far as I can figure, these are the things that only CannonFest (and BlueJackets love) can provide...(and I'm intentionally) not linking ;)

.Watching Rick dance in a kilt
....Actually finding out who is behind The Dark Blue Jacket (I bow down in your greatness)
..Mary's curls...and tattoo...
...Dannie. Drinkin' Boones Farm like a cowboy...on a swing, out of the bottle
.Amanda - adorable as ever...asking when we can bring in the Boones ;)
....Jeff harassing me about my DD Love
..Finding out who is behind NickRash
...Consoling Julie on the loss of Jake
.Seeing how freakin' cute that database of sports that is Lori Schmidt is
....Betting Clay Hall a round of drinks that we're getting to Playoffs Round 3
..Watching Gretchen tear up as Tom thanks her and introduces his videos
...Catching a glimpse of Matt - soaking in the product of all his hard work - with the very best smile I've ever seen
.Recognizing people from their Twitter pictures
....Random chants of "Leo" and "Let's Go Jackets!"
..People knowing to look at me for some ridiculous reaction whenever Derek shows up on the video highlights (yes, that was a wraparound goal thank you very much! ;) )
...Comparing photos of "pocket dogs" with the "Martini" family
.Matt making hosting a couple hundred people at his business on a Sunday look easy

It all culminated, as so many of my peers have said, in watching Tom's videos. I'm posting them here - again - because I've still met some people who haven't yet seen them. So watch them. Share them. Tweet them to your friends tweet them to the players! 

First off (Nice goal, DD!) Jump Start My Heart

And my personal favorite...A Call to Arms (chills)

Like I said, this blog isn't sharing anything revolutionary that any of my peers haven't already said. Its simply my way of telling you that we've got something going here, fans. We're building a Blue Jackets community that's not only some dedicated peeps, but some darn cool folks. People who are fun, smart, hilarious and who I am very much looking forward to seeing again soon. I say without hesitation that this weekend filled me with a whole lotta smiles, laughs and love for each of you.


 ...and no, you're NOT going to see the posting of me on Channel 6 on this here blog ;)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Its Kinda Like Signing Wiz after Carter...CANNONFEST JUST GOT BETTER!!!

Have ya heard? Have ya heard? Huh? Huh? Huh? CANNONFEST is this weekend!

The powers that be are callin in Blue Jackets Nation to have a great meetup this SUNDAY at BW3's on Fifth Avenue (in Grandview) to celebrate all things CBJ, meet other fans, and perhaps win a prize or two.

Now, I am hesitant to share this news regarding the prize of all prizes because, well, obviously, I am going to win this outstanding "major award" (get the movie reference? I like you even more) but, in the spirit of sharing the cool news, check out this great Grand Prize brought to you courtesy of Superior Beverage.

Uh-huh. Coolness.

So everyone come on out - I'm really looking forward to seeing so many great people I already know via in person or Twitter fun. Not that this is news, but I'll be the tall girl in the Derek Dorsett jersey. (don't act like this shocks you). So come up, say "hi!" and then give me your raffle ticket since obviously, well, ya know, the Miller Lite sign is mine. ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem...

Hello, my name is Alison and I'm a Dorsett-aholic.

No sense beating around the bush, we all have a favorite Jacket, and mine is Derek Dorsett. So much so that my husband has demanded that I buy some CBJ memorabilia that is not of, by or from #15. (He alluded to the possibility of someday a...and then he mentioned a word that started with T and I ran screaming from the room...)

But, as a uber fan, I feel it is my duty to share not only who is my favorite Jacket, but WHY.

I first noticed DD in 09, Playoff Game 3. I was still in the beginning stages of studying the game and all I knew is there was this kid (yes I'm old) out there on the ice, who was playing his freakin' heart out for every second of every shift. You know how you can see when someone is clearly giving it everything they have in them? Well, that was Derek. So I was all "who is THAT?" and Stephen was all "what? I can't hear you," (Cause it was loud. Real loud). So anyway, during the off season, I was anxious to see this guy play again, and he did not disappoint - for these reasons.

PASSION. Look - I'm no idiot, I'm not clammering for DD to be a first line guy and he's not an "enforcer". But, as the years have passed, he's shown that his passion and heart are surpassed by few. He's been cited by  both Arniel and, before him Noel (gave him the A) for what he brings to the locker room and practice. During games, he's all out (some see this as a flaw) but if he's gassed, he sure never shows it that I've seen.

TEAM. DD gets "team", as far as I can see. He's one of the first guys who stayed here all summer through the summer, shows up at events - both for sponsors and charities, is always bringing alternately levity and dedication to practice, and, is not afraid to defend a teammate on the ice.

TENACITY. Derek is scrappy. He gets after it. And I like it.

PLAY. Again, I know DD isn't going to be the second coming of Rick Nash by any stretch, but he has slowly started to show himself as someone who makes a difference on the ice, both analysts and fans are noticing. DD t-shirts have shown up in The Blue Line, and people much smarter than me over at The Cannon, recently had an excellent write up on what Dorsett brings to the game when he's on the ice (hat tip to Matt W!).

PATIENCE. I'm sure when many athletes think about their professional experience, it involves, in part, the adoration of fans. But who would have thought that poor Derek was going to have to put up with random and mindless stalking from a (now) 37 year old woman. Look, I'm not proud, but a girl's gotta take advantage of any situation that presents itself...I offer Exhibit A (Hat tip to DarkBlueJacket :) ) oh yeah, and Exhibit B. Its also gotten bad when the Twitter world is recognizing my issue...

So there it is, kids. Please notice that this adoration doesn't have anything to do with how he looks (and yes, he has a girlfriend and I'd bet she's sweet), I'm a happily married woman.

Now, others are getting on the Dorsett bandwagon, his jersey historically goes high in the St. Patty's Day auction (trust me, I've been a lot), and more and more #15 tees and Jerseys are being spotted in the CBJ community. So join us on the DD train - just remember, I'll see your Dorsett fandom and raise you any day of the week. #becausehesawesome