Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ultimate FAN Blog...

....no its NOT this one! Ha! Over the weekend, one of my most esteemed CBJ Bloggers, DarkBlueJacket, started a "Blue Jackets Memorabilia Blog" to compliment his existing CBJ Blog. I'll link it here, but seriously, are you a CBJ fan if you're not already reading it? ;)

Anyway - if you missed the news of his latest venture, "Blue Jackets Pucks and Stuff" now is the time to add it to your blog roll, or reader, or what have you. In the midst of the currently positive CBJ chatter (!) this little bit of fun and fan celebration has evolved, and I think its going to be that bit of happy that we can look to throughout the year when we're grousing about the next trade, or non-trade, or the game we should have won or whatever.

I love that DBJ is taking the time to do this, I love that the fan community is responding so eagerly - and with cool stuff! Check out the autograph quilt! - and, oh, by the way, today's post? Yeah, well its me. ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The First Trade AKA Mass Hysteria - Cats and Dogs Living Together

Some stuff happened in Blue Jackets land today...perhaps you've heard...but seriously, we went from anxiously awaiting the full schedule to complete delirium over the acquisition of Jeff Carter. Before all the excitement and analysis that will now go on for days (and hopefully be supplanted by even more news from the draft and trades) let's chart the dive into manic behavior that was June 23, 2011...

Approximately 11 AM - One of my favorite hockey minds and all around Tweeter, @Skraut_ posted a quite challenging view of what happened to local press coverage of our beloved Jackets (mentions noone even knew Jake was in town...premonition?) Debate ensues.

2PM - CBJ releases full season schedule thus eliminating giant shell game for all Blue Jackets fans who were trying to piece together our schedule based on other teams' news

2:02 PM - mass frustration regarding the fact that the CBJ ticket office doesn't care WHEN you find out the schedule, you still have less than a day to decide your game selection for packages, seats, etc.

2:30 PM - Rumors start rustling that Carter is headed to the Maple Leafs
2:35 PM - Many people laugh

3:00 PM - Now we start to hear that Carter is C-Bus bound...who's going east?
3:10 PM - Buh-bye Jake.

3:11 PM - Commence endless hours of joy, celebration and realizing that Howson might actually be able to be a man of action and that things are going to start changing here

4:30 PM - Richards leaves Philly TOO?!?!?!
5:00 PM - Philly signs some goalie to a long term contract

Suffice it to say that it certainly has been a roller coaster of emotions this day, every moment was either super jazzed, or full of defeat. And how nice that this is one of those days when we end on an upswing.

My final thoughts - more than ever excited to see what more Howson can do. DELIGHTED by reaction of Nash (see pic below) and Umby, little sad Brass has lost his bromance partner and finally I do want to say...

In all the excitement, and even secure in knowing that its the right thing to do, I will miss Jake. He's a good guy. Known for his smile and his attitude. I hope for continued success for him in the league, and, while you have to give to get, I will take a moment to miss one of the guys we've come to know so well.

Lets Go Jackets!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Changing of the Guard.

While I was away this weekend, the Blue Jackets apparently informed Ethan Moreau, Chris Clark, and Craig Rivet that their services were no longer needed. I think that none of these come as a surprise - in fact, rumor had it that Chris Clark had put his house on the market immediately following the last game of the season (however, I had always heard what a nice guy he is from those who lived around him).

But, while we know these moves are right and necessary as we hope to become the organization we want to be, I did want to grab one quick second to thank Rivet for something I witnessed while he was here in the C-Bus.

Now lets be honest, you gotta feel somewhat for the guy, the writing was on the wall in Buffalo and then he comes here, is scratched more than he played, and plays his last game arguably directly contributing to a win for his FORMER team against us (and then announces he's considering retirement right after the final horn blew).

But, I will never forget the first time I saw him on the ice in Nationwide - and we went to a face-off and suddenly I noticed he was doing something different than the other players on the ice. He was directing the younger guys - pointing where to be, what to do. And I saw the players react. He was trying to help and teach even mid-game, even on the ice. Now, look, obviously I'm not saying Rivet was a hockey savant - obviously his guidance didn't immediately result in a series of Jacket wins. But I think it bears appreciation that, even as he saw his time on the ice winding down, he was still trying to help. The fact that players listened and reacted shows that they saw value in what he was saying (or perhaps that he cared to say anything at all.)

While we sit right now looking at all the "team over ego" comments that came as a result of the recent NBA Championship, and face down the off season of conjecture, high hopes, dashed trades and "will he or won't he sign" drama (I'm looking at you, Upshall), I just wanted to pause quickly and say that I do believe team, commitment and heart are going to be quite essential to our CBJ success in addition to the skills we lack. So, in that vein, I simply recognize a guy who seemed to really come and try and do something - no matter how futile. Rivet wasn't just phoning it in, and I just didn't want it to go unnoticed.