Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy "Dorsett Scores a Goal Day"!

I've been sitting on this for a while...and you should thank me...because the gushing probably would have been completely intolerable had I written this last week. [Yeah, THIS is tamed down...shudder]

Here's all you need know. On February 1, 2011, in the midst of what would be our worst ice storm, the Columbus Blue Jackets hosted the Chicago Blackhawks at Nationwide Arena. It was my birthday. Derek Dorsett - he of the #DD and #becausehesawesome hashtags - scored a goal. That goal incited mass hysteria in the Lukan household...okay...just by me...and was the precursor to my first ever autograph-based meeting with #DD (where yes, I babbled like an idiot "you scored a goal on my birthday yesterday". Seriously. what? Who says that??).

When February 1st rolled around this year, and there just happened to be another CBJ game, (right after the debacle in San Jose) and I thought I'd pull out the last little bit of mojo I had. So. Little ol' me, who usually keeps my birthday under wraps, decided to unleash the big guns in hopes of a Blue Jackets' rebound.

I was fighting to stay up. The results from San Jose had given me only a tiny bit of hope, but I fought to watch the second period when...

Yep. It happened. It really happened.

Courtesy Trevor Richards
Now look. I know. I know that Derek Dorsett doesn't score a goal "just because" its my birthday. And I know, that superstitions don't matter (because as I've said, I've tried everything this year). And I know, that Dorse doesn't know that some crazy lady sat up till 1:30 AM watching the game in hopes that this very thing would happen.

But I do know, that in a season such as this, there are still some positives to be found. (Even when everything, including the clock! seems to be against you.) Maybe its your favorite player doing something great on your birthday. Maybe is all your twitter friends sharing in that joy (and you guys were so so awesome by the way! :) ). Maybe its the fact that one of your good friends, has since coined February 1st "Derek Dorsett Scores a Goal Day". (which I love).

Our boys are still taking the ice...so I'll still cheer. All game, every game. All season long. Even if Dorse doesn't know...or does he? ;)

Best. Birthday. Ever.

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