Friday, January 27, 2012

Ok FINE...You May Have My $.02

I tried to keep my mouth shut. "I won't write about this", I told myself. "Let the chips fall where they may", I said.

But everyone and their cousin has come out one way or another regarding the upcoming CBJ Protest tomorrow, so, now I'm a lemming - here ya go.

I'm not going to the protest tomorrow.

First, I think its important to point you to the definition of this event. I read this post to understand what the event intends. From some comments/tweets/etc. that I've seen since, seems not everyone has read this. Here is what Light the Lamp has to say. If you're gonna "fight", at least know what you're fighting for, Ok?

Second, let me point you to may posts that I feel clearly and eloquently express almost all aspects of my opinions about this Protest. If you have not already read them: first, from Martini Hockey, next, from Fire That Cannon, and of course, from my CBJ Yoda, Matt Wagner over at The Cannon. Basically, just read those and then imagine me say "Yeah! What he said!" over and over. 

But there are a few other things I also wanted to make clear when it comes to me and what I think: I know a few of the people who started this event - I hold every single one of them in high regard, and I praise their ability to put together an event quickly, communicate effectively, and demonstrate a continued passion and commitment to the Blue Jackets. In no way, shape or form do I judge a single person for their decision to go or not go to the protest.

But here's what gives me pause (in addition to my personal beliefs as noted above). Last night, I went out to dinner with a girlfriend. We go to the same place every week. The people there know us. As its a small place,  patrons and staff alike will often talk about "the topic of the day".

I was hardly in the door when I was asked - by people who don't even follow sports - "what is up with this protest thing down at Nationwide?" Let me just say their impression is not favorable. So add that to the list of reasons I won't be there. You see, one of my hopes that I've written about many times is to introduce people to the game of hockey and the Blue Jackets. We need to remember that this whole thing is being viewed by sphere's of life waaaaay outside just CBJ fandom. Even waaay outside NHL fandom. And, if we're trying to bring attention to hockey, this might not be such a hot idea. Today on twitter people were even debating exactly what Scott Howson's job was. And that's understandable, but to send a message, please try to make it effective and coherent first.

Look. I know. I'm the girl who organized a large letter to the players earlier this year. I get it. I get feeling this way. I hit a new low when word of a possible Carter trade hit earlier this week. But, I just can't accept that the organization is ignorant about how bad it really is. Nor, can I demand change for change's sake. I want to see options, opportunities and solutions presented. Then I'll have an opinion. Maybe that's just me...

At the end of the day, sad but true, NHL Hockey is a business. And ownership wants your dollars...not your two cents. Not happy with what's going on? Take your dollars away.

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