Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart Rate: "Pieces of Flair"

Office Space. Only one of the best movies ever. Its chock full of eternally quotable scenes. And, when we first heard from new "interim" Coach Todd Richards it immediately called the movie to mind once again. One of the first points Richards was sure to make was that this was an opportunity for players to earn their way: playing time, line positioning, recognition, keeping a spot on the roster...all of that was implied as out there to be earned. In a way, Richards was challenging the players to go above and beyond, to add "pieces of flair".

I've included the scene below for your reference, but it does ring true. While the movie is totally tongue in cheek, at various points this season, this is what some of the fans - myself included - have asked for: show us that you're going above and beyond. Show us you're not just going through the motions. And do all this because you want to.

So Far Richards seems to be holding true to his word. Brassard, who's arguably playing without the weight of the world on his shoulders any more has been elevated to the top lines - and he's playing like he wants to stay. Derek Dorsett - long beloved here ;) - and known for his work ethic has been awarded the "A" and was selected to take part in the shoot out this past Saturday versus Detroit. Now - you know I'd love a team full of Dorse's any day - but that choice was probably based a lot more on heart and his "never quit attitude" versus pure skill. (LOVE YOU #DD!!!! ;) )

Arguably, many of the players are taking note. While we're still not sure that we're not just still in a "new coach bump" we've seen better and better play (even if the record doesn't totally reflect that). And comparing practices I've attended under Arniel vs. under Richards, the team is definitely more engaged, and showing more desire.

So, I thought I'd offer a nudge. A word of encouragement if you will to our boys...we're playing Nashville tonight - and while the outcome of this season is pretty much cemented, the effort and "heart" from our players does not need to be equally doomed. So why not give it to those dang Predators just one. more. time.

Who will come up with their extra pieces of flair tonight?



  1. I hope Pekka Rinne is having a case of the Mondays.

    1. Chad - that is awesome. We should have a post-game quote conference!

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