Friday, December 2, 2011

Pink at the Rink - Done and DONE!

As promised, I will keep the non #CBJ talk to a minimum and end the shameless self-promotion of our recently completed "Pink at the Rink" event to a minimum.

A few quick things I'd like to share with you tonight:
  • Our event tonight, a JV and Varsity match up between St. Charles Prep and Upper Arlington raised over $5,000.00 tonight alone for both the Young Survival Coalition and the Stefanie Spielman Fund. And the donations are still rolling in...
  • Watching high school hockey was really great. We are all tied up in Blue Jackets fandom, but allow me to say, that if you have the opportunity to see high school hockey, particularly of the caliber of the two programs featured tonight, GO! I was impressed - even during the snippets I got to see
  • NEVER FORGET TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Tonight, we married hockey with fighting a horrible disease. A bunch of people got together and watched a hockey game, bid on some stuff, bought some pizza and had a good time. As a result, women will have better resources to prevent them from having to face breast cancer and, should they have to battle this evil beast, our work tonight is a step in helping to give these women-and their loved ones-better treatment, diagnostic resources and proactive research support.

    POINT: If you love something, you can turn it into a way to make a difference no matter what
  • We are surrounded by great people. Tonight, coaches, players, parents, friends, family and breast cancer advocates joined together for a variety of reasons. Every single person, by way of their contribution - time, money, concern - helped make tonight what it was
So thanks to everyone - even for putting up with my posting and tweeting about this event. And hey, we got some CBJ tickets in the silent auction AND...

Didya hear that Derek Dorsett scored TWICE tonight?!?!?!?!?!?

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