Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Slice of Humanity With Your Bitter Pie?

I shall hope to be brief tonight...a weekend out of town to run a half marathon (who knew that the PHL game would be even more painful...) has given me some time to again, watch CBJ Nation from a slightly distanced perspective.

I am as angsty and bitter as many of you - a season for which I had such high hopes has disintegrated into nothingness is less than two months and the reasoning and the excuses are now hollow. But as I watch all of us from far away, I have a few important points - the only ones of which I am sure - that I would ask each of us to consider and hopefully remember...

  • NOONE associated with this organization is happy with how this season has gone
  • Changes - of either personnel, scheme, or attitude - must, and will, be made
  • NOONE except those making those changes knows when, where or who such decisions will be made
  • I am not one one of those people hired to - or qualified enough - to make such decisions
  • Regardless of culpability or innocence, real people will be involved
So, yes, friends and fellow fans, I understand your frustration. I deeply feel your pain. I, for one, have had to take an emotional break from these goings on a day here and there in the past few weeks.

So, I am choosing to live by that age old rule that my mother taught me "never say anything you wouldn't say to someone's face." I'm not going to publicly insult anyone or demand their job.

Hockey is a business, yes. But there are people at every level. People with spouses/partners, families, friends and hopes of their own. If and when any hammer drops, I have no doubt that many will have self-inflicted wounds far deeper than those our words can inflict. I will choose not to pile on.


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