Monday, November 28, 2011


Prosperity. <The condition of being successful or thriving>

Prospal, Vinny. <The human embodiment of the condition of dedication, the desire to be more, and to enjoy it all along the way>

Thanks to reader, GaryG, I was reminded again, about what a revelation Vinny Prospal has been as part of the Blue Jackets organization. In fact Gary would nominate him to MVP to date for the season! To be honest, I've wanted to write my own little fan love letter to Vinny, but my wonderful colleague Greg over at Dark Blue Jacket beat me to the punch on the eve of Vinny's 1,000th game and I did not want to be too redundant.

And now, that specific moment has passed, but, as our team heads out on the road for a long 5 game, almost two-week stretch, now seems to be the right time to write another Prospal piece and focus on one of the brightest spots of our season thus far...because a) can you really have too many blogs about a player such as Vinny and b) I choose to focus on being positive, and to encourage the tremendous progress we've made in the past 6 games. So, let's stay focused on positives by pushing for more prosperity for our team and celebrating Vinny.

10. He's Czech (just like me!)
9. He's allowed us coin phrases like "Vinning!" and "Live Long and Prospal!"
8. He has challenged our locker room to step up and want to win and hate to lose. Publicly. Boom.
7. Goal celebrations. Nuff Said.
6. He's serving as a leader to the future of our organization. JOHAN cites him as a go to
5. His wife is gorgeous and his little kids wear #22 jerseys with "Vinny" on the back (ADORBS!)
4. He says things like "This kind of stuff I talk about, it works against any goalie if you execute properly." (he's talking...and he's RIGHT)
3. He is a monster player - playing his 1000th game in the Blue Jacket's 22nd, game, wearing number 22 (HT Gary!)
2. He's scored 19 points. Always making an impact.
1. He gets it - Vinny knows that every minute he gets to play hockey is a minute to be enjoyed! As you can (hopefully) see below, he was the only player who smiled at the fans walking through the tunnel of pride :) (huge HT to my friend Ken who invited me to tag along on this amazing experience :) Sorry you have to hear me cheer.)

Vinny - Blue Jackets fans love you!!!

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  1. He provides the oil to help whichever line he is on run smooth