Friday, November 11, 2011

An Open Letter...Part Deux

How do I get myself into these things? Well...many of us ask that as a fan of our beleaguered Blue Jackets. But this is a specific "thing".

Last night, our intrepid blogger, KRuss fangirl, and friend, Dannie posted An Open Letter to the Blue Jackets. It seemed to gain some traction as expressing the sentiments that some of us have right now.

Now - first, let me acknowledge, I know many of you may disagree. Some of you have opinions that relate more to management and/or coaching. I want to be clear that I respect your opinions and respect anyone who has differing opinions than in this letter, many of you have forgotten more about hockey than I'll ever know.

BUT. If you do agree with this letter...well, we have an outlet for you.

We have had a larger, more general (i.e. we don't all live in, you Cincy friends should move here...but I digress) copy of this letter printed on a large sheet. Our intent is to have it at the season ticket holder skate tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 11) morning, as well as at the tweetup tomorrow night (Versus the Jets) and again at the tweetup Tuesday, November 15th (15!) versus the Wild. We invite anyone interested to come find us and sign the letter. 

If you cannot join us in person, and would like to sign "virtually", please tweet us (@AlisonL and @frickindannie) with your intent to sign and we'll print it out and attach it to the letter. Our goal is then to send this to the team.

I believe in this letter not only because I do agree with what it says, but because, hey, if it helps these guys at all to know that we still believe...we just want THEM to also...well, what's the harm in that? Look, I'm not delusional, I can see where this season is headed right now, but I still hope for improvement - in attitude, play and record.

Oh. And if you don't know who we are, well, I'm the tall one always in a Dorsett jersey, and Dannie is the cute one. Here's a pic for your reference (the things I do for my team...)

Dannie (L) Ali (R)


  1. We're both cute, I'm just the short one. ;)

  2. Dannie just admitted she was short hehehe