Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Blog-Giving!!!

Today is the American Thanksgiving...and so, if you'll humor me, this is a post today that is more for me than probably for you readers...all 2 of you... ;) This is a post to thank those who have made blogging about the Jackets about so much more than the 0's and 1's on this page... [you Tweeters are so many and so great, it would take a novel to name you all so please know I'm not excluding you on this one ;) ]

On this day of giving thanks, I would like to name a few particularly great people. And do please know that I've now written, and re-written, this piece a million times stressing over people I may have forgotten or people I haven't adequately praised. Here's the deal, if I interact with have made an impact on me. And I thank you for it. Now, on with the show!

First, what you may or may not know (dare I single them out lest you blame them), there are two people who are responsible for encouraging me to blog more than anyone else.

First, my good friend Rick. Rick is one of those go-to guys. If you don't know him already - get on that right now. He is a stand up guy in every sense of the word. He's a tremendous friend, an astute hockey mind, and a heck of a lot of fun. He was instrumental in helping me feel ok talking about hockey, meeting other hockey peeps, and loving the CBJ more than I had. First guy on the scene - first guy I can always count on.

Second, my friend over at Dark Blue Jacket. (i'm still not clear how secret that identity is!) I was recently humbled and honored to be invited to contribute to the DBJ blog and I'm still not sure those guys over at DBJ know what they're doing when it comes to letting me write there. But suffice it say that it was many private conversations and tweets that helped me think that putting my silly two cents out there into the CBJ blogosphere was worthwhile. Again, now as a contributor there, I sometimes can't believe that its really happening.

And so many others have had influence...stick around till the end...

Next, my great friends over at Carry the Flag. Dan and the mysterious "Coach" have always been willing to teach me the x's and o's of hockey, to encourage me, and, poor Dan has had to spend more than his fair share of time next to me at games and has known me since the early days of my CBJ fandom. These guys have forgotten more about hockey than I will ever learn. I know many respond with vigor to their pieces, but hey, that means they're making us think, right? For being great hockey minds and even better friends I salute you CTF team.

Then there's my girl, Dannie over at Strait Jackets. When you talk about finding friends through random places, well this is one of those stories. She's a chick, she knows hockey up and down all the leagues, and understands what it means to have a hockey crush (stalker math). Thusly she's my crush. Dannie is one of those people who I look forward to seeing - even for a second - and I value her as a person and as a CBJ fan. Dannie has also invited our dear Kat into the blogger fold - and this one? Well she can rattle of hockey history and knowledge like noone. And she's always there to chat, hockey or otherwise. She's a great find - get to know her!!!

And of course Jeff over at Ten Minute Misconduct. Jeff never fails to think things through and make you realize a logical conclusion - even as an emotional fan - is the right one. I always look forward to Jeff's pieces, and I always look forward even more to seeing Jeff in person. He'll give me good natured jabs about my beloved #DD...but Jeff is solid and sound. You can't help but love him, and Jeff's a heck of a lot of fun...

We have Greg over at Full Mental Jackets. And what I love about Greg is that, in the span of a few hours, you can become fast friends. I've watched home and away games with Greg and I adore his passion. And I adore his humor. With this season, lest we forget his take on the Island of Misfit Toys (which holds a special place in the Lukan household) his outlook is always fun, even when our team is not.

People who are newer to my world but no less valuable include Cyrus and Andy. I hung out with Andy opening night and this guy is HI-LAR-I-OUS. He's smart as heck so you know his snark is gonna deliver. And Cyrus? Well he's just all around awesome. These guys are new on my blogging radar, but some of my go-to peeps. Love 'em.

My girl, Mary. This woman comes up with the funniest (and yet smart) stuff in the world over at Fire that Cannon. I will never forget meeting Mary for the first time and she was 10 times as kind and welcoming as I could have imagined. So much so that I considered her an immediate friend. I don't get to see Mary much - but when I do, its sunshine.

And finally, there's Matt. Suffice it to say that Matt is someone who I will be writing about more and more as the days pass. This guy is simply. amazing. His work on the Cannon is TOP NOTCH. We all know Shrapnel is required reading for the CBJ fan and game recaps are exquisite as is, but to sit through a game with Matt and realize he takes nary a note? Well that makes him cool, funny, fan-tastic, and brilliant all in one.

[And if he'd only post more I could 100% shout out my boy, John. He's an eternal optimist. Like me. #twitch]

I'm sitting here cringing about hitting "post" because I still haven't named you all and I still haven't said enough about how great you each are. Seriously, I learn from each of you - you're my AM required reading. And my go to resources for CBJ knowledge.

So on Thanksgiving, THANK YOU ALL for being you and sharing you and meaning so much to me.

Now Let's Go Jackets! #CalltoArms


  1. This is the first thing I read today and I think I will stop now so this warm and fuzzy feeling stays until it's time to eat! Thank you for being so kind and gracious.

  2. Thank you so much, Alison. :) But I'm just this guy, you know? ;)

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