Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween, Jackets Fans! We've certainly had our share of scary and horrific behavior this year already, and so last night's return of "the team we thought we had" was a refreshing treat for a dismal season thus far...

But I think we all learned from Detroit, that great play last night by no means is an indicator of what we shall see in the immediate future - and some big things still lie ahead. Today (in theory) we shall find out if Ryan Johansen shall remain in the big leagues, and the rest of the season shall show if we'll now ever stop the conjecture about Arniel and/or Howson for the remainder of the year, if Wiz is, in fact, superhuman, and what this team is exactly all about. [For the record, I say let the Johan stay up, please stop the irresponsible rumor mongering about team leadership, and Wiz is a beast, and returning a full roster is a promise renewed IMO]

Finally, I'd like to cite the ultimate trick AND treat of the night last night. First, I will publicly thank the team for responding with heart and fire in last night's game. THAT is the team I've been desperate to see - complete with post game comments from more than one relevant player!!!...however, such Jekyll and Hyde behavior honestly had me believing that the trick is on us - and, at one point last night, I was convinced that Nash etc. have secret twitter accounts and were tracking the #CBJ comments about lack of heart and desire. Hey...whatever works right? ;)

Trick or Treat, folks, I'm not sure what lies ahead for our beloved team but I remain dedicated to supporting them throughout and believing we can achieve great things.

Go Jackets! #StandandFight #CalltoArms

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