Saturday, October 8, 2011

There Was a Victory Last Night

You can haz tickets

Well, yesterday was the Jackets home opener. And while we wanted the win, I'm not cliff-jumping, or celebrating, the fate of this team yet. We've got a lot of games left to play...but, wrapped around 60 of the most exciting minutes of hockey that "The Greeg" has ever seen, was also a great night. Kudos to the Blue Jackets for a fun pre-game party, thanks to the weather gods for an absolutely gorgeous day, super gold stars to everyone who came to our tweet up, and props to all of YOU because, last night, you came out in droves to support the 50/50 Raffle that benefited St. Charles Hockey and the Dominic Gregory foundation.

This will buy many drinks
As promised, I let Stephen buy waaaay too many tickets. And, as guaranteed, we did not win. BUT, a St. Charles alum, and CAHL teammate of Stephen did. Congrats to Chris Taza for his big win!! (and no, it wasn't fixed, if it was fixed clearly I would have won. ;) ) And, in fun circles, pre-game, Chris said he had seen my post advertising the Raffle. (Or perhaps this was a defensive move as I was accosting all of "Team Beer" to not forget to buy 50/50 Raffle tickets for the thousandth time.)

The Raffle brought in just under $9,000 (based on preliminary numbers). Chris (as he was being penalized by teammates by knowingly or unknowingly buying post-game drinks) also said "its just great to help a good cause."

The Coach of St. Charles' Varsity squad, Art Roehrenbeck, summed it up: "We're so thankful for all the support for the raffle. Even though the Jackets didn't quite pull out the win, we did win and it was because of all of you who played the raffle to support our cause".

On behalf of Art, Dominic's family, and all the St. Charles players, I want to thank all of you who helped spread the word, who shared my blog post about the raffle, who bought tickets and made this one of the most successful 50/50 Raffles ever!

Coach Art Represents
Go Jackets! #CalltoArms

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