Sunday, October 9, 2011

Subliminal Messaging?

Here we sit Blue Jacket Fans. 0-2 with Vancouver looming. The twittersphere has erupted blaming everything...from our power play to (yeah, guess who) Mason. And, while I agree - so far - that 0-3 seems fairly likely, and that our power play needs Wiz back in a MAJOR way, I would like to encourage Blue Jackets fans to allow some patience. If we as fans regress to thinking this year will be like the last, how can we expect more from our team? A few things to remember and consider...

  • last year, mid November - guess who was #1 +/- in the entire NHL - Rusty Klesla
  • last year, guess which team had a kick ass October and November only to be demolished in December - Blue Jackets
  • last year, which team kept the roster fairly - and uncomfortably - unchanged - Blue Jackets
  • last year, which team did not make the playoffs - well, you know THAT
While I agree that a win by now sure would have been nice, I would care to point out that we've overhauled our roster, coaching staff (somewhat) and that quite frankly, pre-season has little to do with real-game preparedness (NHL, NFL...all the same), nor does a first 5 game start have little to do with where we end up (at least in Blue Jackets land).

Its for these reasons that I'm not screaming harey carey yet. YET! This team needs time to gel (and no I don't know how long is too long) But we've got a lot of new guys who are trying to break habits from long ago. And honestly, I will go on record as saying that right now, Mason is honestly not even in the top five of things I'm concerned about for this team. His improvement is noticeable, even to me.

But - my point is (see what I did there, Dan?) that the team may know that its going to take a bit of time too. Noone can argue that this team isn't bending over backwards to keep current fans on board and grow the fan base to include folks who left and/or who were never here before, so did they send us a message on Friday? As a big fan of the importance of music - both in tone an lyrics - check out again the two songs that the Jackets chose for their 2011 intro.

First up - Walk by Foo Fighters. Sample lyrics:

I think I lost my way
Getting good at starting over...
...I'm learning to walk again
I believe I've waited long enough

Maybe its just me, but I think we need to wait a bit before jumping off a cliff. There's real talent on this team, there's a wealth of depth (finally!) and if we can figure this all out, we have a shot.

Because the second song that was part of the intro? Well THAT song is titled "Kick Ass" and it says:

now is the moment
I waited for
I can't be broken - I settled the score...
Stand up...get your hands up...are you ready to...kick ass

Let's hope our boys in Union Blue get through that whole learning part quick and come March we're on to the kicking of the asses....

I still believe. Let's Go Jackets!



  1. Love the article! I've been trying to tell everyone around me that our boys are learning to play with each other. You can't add new bodies, no matter how skilled, and just expect them to mesh perfectly together right out of the gate. This is not a sprint, it's a marathon. How can OUR Jackets build chemistry with our fans tearing them down every time they make a little mistake. I understand we're 0 - 2 but we still have 80 games to go! I was about ready to scream on Friday when everyone around sounded like broken records "same team as last year," or "different season, same team." If we give up on our Boys already, what you think that will do to sure won't help them. I love the lyrics that you pointed out. I noticed the "Kick Ass" part, but not the Foo Fighters. Good work. And to answer the songs question...I think our boys are ready to KICK ASS! We just need the fans to be ready as well. Things are going to change, going to happen. We just have to stay behind the Jackets 100%! Let's start tonight, BEAT THE CANUCKS! GO JACKETS!

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