Thursday, October 20, 2011

Origin Story

As I mentioned the other day, the genesis and the name of this particular blog came from my belief that so much of success in any walk of life comes from one's spirit or "heart". What bothered me most last season was when I felt like I saw the guys let up on the ice or seemingly "not care" or "not try hard enough".

Our current predicament has raised this question again, but from a different angle. Last night on 97.1 the Fan, Porty shared some ridiculous stat that in the past (I think) 28 games the Blue Jackets have one - ONE - win in regulation. I almost wrecked my car. While the stat was shared in relation to the security of Arniel's position right now, it got me to these guys have the heart to win right now or have we forgotten what it takes?

This is not a question of skill, and this is not a dumping on the players, but I really wonder if somewhere along the way we lost that will to say "screw this, I'm fighting as hard as I can to win this &*&*()*$ game!" Is it possible that our veterans got too comfortable with the promise of our roster additions and thought "oh look! They will be the answer!" And, while they seemingly worked harder than ever at their physical readiness did they forget to overhaul their mental outlook?

I'm no psychologist but this sits heavy in my mind right now. My friend, Dan, raised similar questions in a recent post talking about Rick Nash. I'm going to over-emphasize some of Dan's key points by saying that in no way am I questioning the amazing talent, or captainship, of Nasher, but I don't see the fire - even in him. As our leader, should he go play hard for 60 minutes could - would? - the team follow suit?

I do believe its lying just under the surface. Even in our small crowds at Nationwide right now, the minute this team scores and is fighting, the fans roar to life - you can feel the change in energy even if you are watching on TV. Do we see the same in our players? Do we feel the "desire" in them?

It demands mention that a team cannot win on emotion alone, but it demands respect that it does, in fact, matter.

This is why I'm hinging more than a little hope on Wiz. And no, I'm not one of those who thinks his impact on the Power Play alone will help us win games (it will help tho ;) ). But, what we've unquestionably seen in Wiz is his swagger and attitude. He was all over the local media scene in the pre-season and his comments belie someone who is desperate for the attention and the opportunity to prove he can make a difference. I want that swagger on the ice. I want that swagger to permeate the locker room. I want that swagger to mesh with our skills and push us over the top. I cautiously believe, that in this way, Wiz can make a big impact. Fast.

I still believe, but I'm starting to question if it's going to take work on more than just what happens physically on the ice.

I still believe.

Let's Go Jackets! #CalltoArms


  1. What do we need to win?

    Heart...miles and miles of HEART!


  2. Well said Alison. I'm with you 100%

  3. It's funny how Calvert came in last year and flew around the ice, making it impossible to send him back down... Then come this year, he's just another one of the guys, with no real energy.

    Great piece Ali, and thanks for the linkage!!!