Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Night that Almost Was...

[Original theme and content redacted due to last 40 seconds of regulation play :-/ ]

Tonight was the one Blue Jackets game all year that was blacked out to any and all TV outlets-so, in direct response, the blogger community rose up in unison to fight the power (80's song reference...pertinent to the evening) and see the game anyway in person dammit. Operation #NOBLOGGERBLACKOUT was underway...
Matt, Alison, DBJ & Greg

Ok, so it was just four of us that could attend. And, as I walked out after such a drop-kick loss, I found myself struggling with what to say here because what was frustrating was that the night was soooo great-right up until it wasn't.

So here's what I've got guys...I've got a reminder to us all to stay true to what we've said we are - FANS of this team.  Fans support and encourage their team, they love them through the rough spots and they celebrate like heck for the good spots. So, while the night, rough, here's what I've got for you:

  • We saw arguably the best two periods of Blue Jackets hockey yet (that'd be 1 & 2 if we weren't already clear on that) - this says to me improvement - not decline - is on the horizon
  • Mason's play - in my eyes - is getting better and better
  • We got some free hockey 
  • There are some pretty sweet seats in The Greeg. Thanks to DBJ, we were right behind the bench and to see the game from that angle - well, its pretty insane
And its that last bullet point that brings me to the friends I sat with tonight.  Because if you want to ride through this patch of hockey, you couldn't find better "partners" then the bloggers we've got around this team. So many couldn't join us tonight - who all sit in my RSS feed and I diligently read everything you write (Rick, Dannie, Andy, many)...but if you'll allow me to highlight those who were in attendance...

Matt of The Cannon. I know very few fans who don't consider his daily Shrapnel posting required reading. One of my first questions tonight was "How do you do it?!?!?" But let me tell you, if you have the pleasure of attending a game with Matt, you won't forget it - the guy knows his hockey, will calm down a seatmate who gets quite nervous and talks through all defensive possessions (ahem, me), will keep fans on the path to cheering for their team, and quite frankly has the best singing voice 2nd only to Leo (Write in campaign for back up singer? I think so.)

Dark Blue Jacket. Another prolific CBJ blogger, who can sing along to any 80's song, make friends with pretty much anyone, (I think the two kids who sat in front of us want him to adopt them), and keep things on an even keel while offering some pretty unique insights on what's happening on the ice. Plus, it was DBJ who also got this evening together and got some rather kick-A** seats for all of us and is often one of the key voices in keeping the blogger community connected and involved with one another - even as we share all of our own perspectives.

And then there's wonderful Greg from Full Mental Jackets. Greg will always find a place to sit at R-Bar, is one of the easiest people to talk to in the world, will ALWAYS stand to cheer his team (and encourage the people around him to do so - and those who know me know how I feel about that <3), serves some mean chicken wings and is fun to tease about blogs.

If you're even still reading, I've linked to each of their blogs above purely because I'm sure you'll find the hardcore hockey assessments you may be craving. But for now, consider this my love letter to my hockey team and my fellow bloggers. It's these things that make the CBJ experience so much more than just a record on the ice.

We'll get there guys, and its nice to know we have some pretty cool folks to help us along the way...Go Jackets!

Other points of interest:
  • CBJ hockey bloggers will chase down anyone in Boomer gear
  • You may or may not want hockey bloggers in their seats in order for the CBJ to score a goal
  • A fellow blogger will ALWAYS eat your potato chips
  • Certain bloggers have not ever paid for a drink at R-Bar
  • Not a single blogger took notes...clearly my post reflects this ;)

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  1. Awesome seats! I got 2 free club level seats in C2 from R-Bar (thank you work for making me go in at 6am so I could make it to Breakfast with the Jackets at 5.30am for those sweet tickets). I have to agree with you about what an awesome night it was. We looked good, the crowd (although small) was for the most part sticking behind the Jackets and I can really see our boys getting better. We've got to ease into this thing (loss, OT-loss, OT-win, regulation win). I can't wait for our first win, because I am going to cheer like I just won a million bucks! It's what I tell my fellow's the rough times that true fans have to endure so that they can truly enjoy and celebrate in the good times. Win OR lose...I'm Blue Jackets through and through! Still carrying the flag high and PROUD! LET'S GO JACKETS!