Sunday, October 30, 2011

In which the walls come crashing down...

I had a whole concept to write about this morning...but then news comes across the Porty timeline that potentially Howson and Arniel could be gone by tomorrow.

Allow me to say, that as of right now, I do not support this decision.

First and foremost, while I know its the nature of the game in sports, announcing to the world that someone(s) may or may not be about to be fired is just crappy. Imagine if your boss went and told everyone in your company that they were considering firing you. In this action, you've basically neutralized any remaining effectiveness said employee has. That's a great idea for a team that is beyond struggling. /sarcasmfont

Secondarily, I can't argue that Howson has NOT done what he was asked to do. Many of you may offer counter points, and I welcome those, but he went out and filled our biggest holes, communicated to the public, and was agressive. I may take some issue with the trigger finger sending people up and down to Springfield in timeframes shorter than Cam Atkinson, but this alone is not basis for the firing.

And now to Arniel. I am not a coach. I have never been a coach of a sport team of any kind. But I have played on numerous sports teams (certainly not of a professional nature) so I believe I know enough to know that the coach is not alone in bearing the brunt of a teams' going ons. However the coach is certainly most always the fall guy.

Its been posited that if Arniel does in fact have to go, that we will look to Hitch, and by virtue of the fact that Howson fired Hitch (long pole, tent all that) that Howson has to go. Due to the points I raise above, I don't know that Howson should go, and, quite frankly, what happened to saying, "hey guys, be grown-ups. Kiss and make up and learn to work together." If Hitch and Howson really both want this team to win above all else, they can work together. Don't have to be best friends...but figure it out. Happens to me at work all the time.

And Hitch? Look, I like the guy. But we saw his stock is not highly esteemed in the league as it stands right now - as no team pulled him in to the fold during the off-season. But, is he the right option or just "an option" because he's on the payroll. As I said in an earlier post, change for change's sake is not the answer, and if we just keep changing stuff "to see what sticks" - well, we ARE the Cleveland Browns, my friends.

Ultimately, remember, that when Hitch was let go, Howson told us that next time, it would be the players. And, I to some extent, feel that the majority of the problems lie on the ice, not behind the bench. We've changed a lot...and yet some things just haven't changed, and if a coaching/management kind of change goes down or not, if we do NOT hear from the players - with passion (one way or another) - I fear that leadership changes of any kind will not fix our problem.

Why is it that an esteemed Veteran, Vinny Prospal, is already calling out issues of desire and fight on this team? And when does this become a question of finding the guys who have not only the skill but the HEART? A coach - no matter the caliber - can't MAKE a player care. Can't MAKE a player fight.

I remain a loyal fan of this team - and will support them because I just can't help it, but I want to see the desperation and focus coming from ALL levels of this organization and that includes every person that is currently on the roster.

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