Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Love you, Man!!!!

Ah the sweet salve of a victory. We've gone, in less than 12 short hours from "do we blow the team up?" to "WE WON...AGAINST DETROIT!"

Its interesting the changes in lens that come from being on the right side of the goal tally...and, continuing the theme of my recent posts, consider this a love letter to everyone involved in last night...a few special highlights...

  • WIZ. Dude. I really really love you for bringing back some fire, for playing more than half the game, for having a wicked shot, for "seeing the ice" like no one else does (discuss the passing, people!) and for speaking out like you do. No wonder teams that have had you on their roster love you.
  • MASON. Dude squared. Not only did you win me over with demanding to come back in the game, but you played the game we know you can, and when you got that first star, not only did you linger on the ice to enjoy it, but you climbed OVER the visitor's bench to throw your stick to the fans. Own that swagger!
  • HOWSON. Stand and Fight. That is all.
  • BRASS: I don't know if it made TV, but in the third period, when you snowed Conklin, then wiped off his mask...and then turned around and smiled at him? Made. of. Awesome.
  • DEREK DORSETT: I always love ya, but, please, no more penalties in the final two-ish minutes. You aged me about 10 years. And don't give people more to rail on. For you alone, I'm thrilled we won. ;)
  • DUDE IN FRONT OF US: I am very thankful Dan didn't end up a) spilling your beer after numerous cheers b) spilling said beer all over YOU. You were fun...
  • THOSE WHO RESPECT THE MOJO: I'm superstitious. I can't help it. Thanks to those who played along.
And finally, and most importantly, to YOU my Fellow FANS. You showed up (the arena was not mostly red), and you responded with passion and excitement for our team. And all of us that came out got our just reward by seeing our team finally win! The game of hockey is exciting indeed, but the experience of a great crowd at a hockey game is even better. Last night, no matter what other people say, made me proud to be one of you - one of the Blue Jackets Faithful. To quote my friend, Dannie, there's still more than a few of us who can say "I STILL BELIEVE".

Let's Go Jackets! #StandandFight #CalltoArms