Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't be that guy....(or girl)

My last post contained some serious questions and concerns about the heart of this team, yet I ended it saying that I still believe. And, so, on Wizmas eve, I felt compelled to call out one last, quite important element of Blue Jackets land. And that, my friends is you and I.

Many of us are publicly questioning if this team "wants it enough", and how the biggest failure would be for this team to lose their desire...well, I argue that that same responsibility falls to us. A fan's job is to support their team - through good and bad. Yes, we've had a lot of bad, but if you're hinging your willingness to support this team on wins, well, why not just pack it up and go join Buckeye Nation (um, er, next year, I mean ;) )

Do you think these guys on the ice aren't frustrated? Do you think they don't know the impact this is having on the organization? Do you think they're not at least a little embarrassed and/or ticked off? Ok, so if we agree to those tenants, why pile on?

I chose to look up the word "support" today and found it rather interesting...I offer you this courtesy of Merriam Webster.

1. To endure bravely or quietly
2.a. To promote the interests of cause of...[ADVOCATE]
3. b. to provide a basis for the existence of...
6. to keep (something) going

To me, right now, as Blue Jackets fans I feel the above definition is our role to play.

I feel more urgency as a fan than ever, because, as many are saying, this team does have the potential to get things going and, as they struggle to find their footing, I'm sick of seeing attendance dwindle, "fans" berate the team/organization/coach (pick one) and start running around all "chicken little style". The only thing I can do is SUPPORT my team. While I can't explain it, I'm desperate to get back to NWA tomorrow, see Wiz on the ice for once, and hope to goodness that this team can get some things clicking.

So do you feel like the team is giving up? Does it tick you off? Well don't follow suit. Real fans stay.


edit: based on some quality feedback, I feel its important to note that this is not a mandate to blindly become Blue Jacket Lemmings (if I was a graphics person the imagery opportunities there are amazing). I will always support critical thinking - even in the realm of fandom :)


  1. Interesting point. I watched Moneyball this weekend and the 2002 Oakland A's were 12 games back in June before they came back to win their division. Not saying that will happen here, but the problem was the same: new faces, new lineup.

  2. Likewise the Tampa Bay Rays were nine games behind the Red Sox at the start of September and came back to edge them for the wild card on the last day of the season. And there are the teams started slow and made the playoffs while the CBJ were leading the Western Conference the weekend after Thanksgiving and we know how that turned out. So, no cause for hari-kari at this point, but still, they need to get the ship righted soon, or else it's going to be too late.

  3. Right on Alison!!! I grew up supporting the Pittsburgh Pirates and still do, so I know what it is like to be frustrated. I did not expect the Jackets to win the Stanley Cup this year, but expected (and still expect) progress as a team, and it not too late (we have only played 9 games)for us to see the progress that we should all be supporting!