Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For.

So did ya miss me? ;D

Its amazing what can happen when one is fairly off the grid for five days. If you follow my twitter, well perhaps you got a taste of what all our non-hockey twitter peeps face when you were inundated by tweets NOT related to your topic of choice; but, since Thursday, as I was riding in a bike race to fight breast cancer, I've been on twitter only for short bursts, had no access to live hockey coverage or games and have yet to read a single blog post by my esteemed colleagues. SO! All that being said, I'm acknowledging that this post may be tone-deaf to the overarching themes of the Blue Jackets fan community today, but that's my point. (see what I did there, Dan?)

Look, I get the sturm and drang rolling around right now. I was literally sitting down on a plane to LAX when news of Cam being sent down hit. Ali was NOT pleased. Then I see the scores, injuries, NHL standings, and Calvert's fate as well...its not happy times in CBJ land.

But, I must revert to what I know. And what I know is this...as I have consistently said, should you choose to be a fan of any team of any sport, your job is to SUPPORT. YOUR. TEAM. That does not mean that this doesn't come with expressing frustration. The very name of this blog was born from my concern last year that what our team was missing most was heart (also why DD is my favorite Jacket but I digress...HT Jeff). But, without super in-depth analysis that I have seen, and know, is going on in the blogger and analyst communities right now, the concept of abandoning the season and abandoning the team seem a bit premature.

Now look, I can't say this has been, or will be, all sunshine and butterflies. We've got a tough road ahead. But I personally am postponing major freakout status until Wiz is back (and yes, I'm aware of the fact that that means a few more games with tough opponents). But, I find myself having to demand some patience when it comes to this team because, guess what guys, a lot of this, well, it might be what we asked for...let's remember...

  • First, Hitch was the problem. Well, Hitch got fired
  • Then, last year, everyone was incensed that we kept the exact. same. roster. Well, the roster got blown up
  • During a last minute gasp to try and make the playoffs we demanded more significant moves when players weren't doing what we needed. Um yeah, hello AHL and NHL merry-go-round
  • We complained about developing young talent "too quickly" and not letting them develop an "attitude of winning" - well, did Cam go down perhaps in part to not getting burned by this skid and the "acceptance of losing"?
  • We said our scouting sucked - all of a sudden, our roster is so thick with rookies, that I don't think anyone got that first roster right when it came down to final cuts. Are we still trying to figure out the right chemistry?
Again - there are still things that give us pause, there are still things that are cringe worthy. And if we lose again tonight, will I be despondent? Yes. Yes I will. But I chose to support this team, and so support them I will. And I will acknowledge that I'm choosing not to be the hypocrite that is damning this organization for, in part, doing what we said we wanted them to do. Do I wish it happened faster? Do I wish it happened better? Do I hope this turns around...and quick? YES. YES. and YES.

Now I'm off to read all the blogs from the past few days that will tell me how wrong this is... ;)

Let's Go Jackets. #CALLTOARMS

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