Friday, September 30, 2011

A New Tradition Already?

I've decided to hold off on posting lately for a couple of reasons. First of all, the astute hockey brains that make up the CBJ Blogger community are really showing their stuff with posts covering all the pre-season action and player evaluations; second of all, given that this blog is mainly about a fan's perspective (Read: not a smart hockey person) I'd decided to wait until the close of pre-season to do an overall that is coming.

But in the interim, we may have a new tradition forming. The night of the first pre-season game, our little twitter family hastily decided to get together for a quick "tweet up" behind the cannon during 1st Intermission. (You see, I thought about this - 2nd intermission, people can be too frustrated, or have to go home why not get together while expectations remain high ;) And the cannon, well...ya know)

So anyway - pretty soon my great friend Steph caught wind of this activity, and all of a sudden I'm getting retweeted by people who I don't even know! (which is pretty cool by the way). And so, you can imagine my joy when I came walking towards the cannon to find THIS (ok not this exactly this was later but you get my point, its not like people were just randomly standing posed for a picture):

This picture represents some of my very favorite people - who I just happened to meet through the CBJ community - and not even everyone could make it that night. We chatted, we laughed, Jeff made fun of my Dorsett affection, all in all a good time.

So, when I finally made it to my second pre-season game last night, I figured, what the heck, let's do it again! And while not as many people made it last night, it was still cool to meet folks I still hadn't met face to face, and to hear people who said, "can't make it tonight, but let's do it again Opening Night!"

So here's my offer folks - and its up for the taking. CBJ fans - if you want to meet your favorite bloggers, or twitterers, or fun folks (I'm going to drag Dancing Kevin there when he comes for a game) Come hang out at the Cannon, any game, for 1st Intermission. If I'm there (guess who's jersey I'll be wearing ;) ) I'll be shouting it from the rooftops before the game starts on Twitter, but even for those games that I will not be able to attend, let's get the gang together (heck, the fact that I'm NOT there may be a draw for some ;) ).

We've got some pretty cool peeps from all over Ohio and the US who make it to games - and its always fun to put a face to a blog or a twitter handle. (The comment "I still don't know who Dark Blue Jacket is" has been heard more than once. DBJ - you are in high demand, my friend!)

So, spread the word, bring new people, bring new fans! Everyone in the picture above has made my CBJ experience that much better...let's share that with fans new and old to show them just how very cool it is to follow Columbus hockey - even off the ice!

Let's Go Jackets! #CallToArms

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