Friday, September 30, 2011

How Can You Not be in Awe?

Yep. Two posts in one day, friends. Consider yourselves lucky ;)

I've talked before about someone I hold in very high esteem, my friend Tom, and his amazing dedication to producing some of the best fan videos from any sport any where.

My personal favorite has always been Call to Arms. Today, Tom gave us all some amazing nuggets (easter eggs if you will) within the video that already had many of us excited beyond measure for the season.

I'm going to share those with you here now, but I must say first that once again, more than ever before, I stand in awe of Tom, his dedication and his talent. Here's my recommendation - watch the video, then read his tweets below, and then watch the video again according to his markers (start from the bottom - also I'll keep updating as Tom does). If you don't stand in appreciation of the work - both emotional and mental - that went into this video well, I don't know what to tell you.

The puck drops in 7 days. If our boys are as dedicated and hard-working as Tom, I foresee a great season ahead. Enjoy the best CBJ video ONE. MORE. TIME. (with emphasis)!

(obligatory Jeff shout out here ;) Oh! And for shame those of you who didn't know our beloved DD is blocking that shot ;) See what I did there Jeff? )


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