Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good things happen to good people...

So I had my little CannonFest recap yesterday, and while I tried to stay restrained, I can't tell you the level of awe I've carried with me since Sunday for the stunning video work of one Tom Larrow (aka @Skraut_).

I've had the pleasure of knowing Tom for a little while now, and this guy is just good people. He's married to a fantastic woman (who has a great laugh! Oh, and who let's me know whenever a DD highlight is coming ;) ) and sitting and visiting with him is truly a pleasure.

Many of you have seen other accolades for Tom - and I hope we continue to see more - I will refer you once again to the words of Dark Blue Jacket who has stats on exactly how much work went into Tom's videos. But, so far, you've seen a lot of words and what I want to make sure you realize is that those approximately 11 minutes of video represent MONTHS of work. Even before July Tom was watching every single Blue Jackets game...again (there's something to consider undertaking...December 2010 anyone?). As Tom's wife shared, it takes more frames than one can even realize to represent a single second and Tom went a frame at a time to match a single syllable cheer in a song to a players reaction on the ice. By the time we saw two videos on Sunday, Tom had poured over them so many times, his wife knew every single highlight, in sequence, well before it showed on the screen.

But back to Tom - again, this guy is someone you want to get to know. He is caring, smart, engaging, loyal. Above all those amazing video talents, lies the heart and soul of a great person - and so, it gave me chills when I just saw Tom share that his video "Call to Arms"  and "Jump Start My Heart" are on NHL.com.

Share these links, people. Tweet 'em, post 'em, visit again and again. Let's show nhl.com that this year, CBJ is going to get noticed...in all the right ways.

Tom - its an honor to know you...oh, and you're a rock star.


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