Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem...

Hello, my name is Alison and I'm a Dorsett-aholic.

No sense beating around the bush, we all have a favorite Jacket, and mine is Derek Dorsett. So much so that my husband has demanded that I buy some CBJ memorabilia that is not of, by or from #15. (He alluded to the possibility of someday a...and then he mentioned a word that started with T and I ran screaming from the room...)

But, as a uber fan, I feel it is my duty to share not only who is my favorite Jacket, but WHY.

I first noticed DD in 09, Playoff Game 3. I was still in the beginning stages of studying the game and all I knew is there was this kid (yes I'm old) out there on the ice, who was playing his freakin' heart out for every second of every shift. You know how you can see when someone is clearly giving it everything they have in them? Well, that was Derek. So I was all "who is THAT?" and Stephen was all "what? I can't hear you," (Cause it was loud. Real loud). So anyway, during the off season, I was anxious to see this guy play again, and he did not disappoint - for these reasons.

PASSION. Look - I'm no idiot, I'm not clammering for DD to be a first line guy and he's not an "enforcer". But, as the years have passed, he's shown that his passion and heart are surpassed by few. He's been cited by  both Arniel and, before him Noel (gave him the A) for what he brings to the locker room and practice. During games, he's all out (some see this as a flaw) but if he's gassed, he sure never shows it that I've seen.

TEAM. DD gets "team", as far as I can see. He's one of the first guys who stayed here all summer through the summer, shows up at events - both for sponsors and charities, is always bringing alternately levity and dedication to practice, and, is not afraid to defend a teammate on the ice.

TENACITY. Derek is scrappy. He gets after it. And I like it.

PLAY. Again, I know DD isn't going to be the second coming of Rick Nash by any stretch, but he has slowly started to show himself as someone who makes a difference on the ice, both analysts and fans are noticing. DD t-shirts have shown up in The Blue Line, and people much smarter than me over at The Cannon, recently had an excellent write up on what Dorsett brings to the game when he's on the ice (hat tip to Matt W!).

PATIENCE. I'm sure when many athletes think about their professional experience, it involves, in part, the adoration of fans. But who would have thought that poor Derek was going to have to put up with random and mindless stalking from a (now) 37 year old woman. Look, I'm not proud, but a girl's gotta take advantage of any situation that presents itself...I offer Exhibit A (Hat tip to DarkBlueJacket :) ) oh yeah, and Exhibit B. Its also gotten bad when the Twitter world is recognizing my issue...

So there it is, kids. Please notice that this adoration doesn't have anything to do with how he looks (and yes, he has a girlfriend and I'd bet she's sweet), I'm a happily married woman.

Now, others are getting on the Dorsett bandwagon, his jersey historically goes high in the St. Patty's Day auction (trust me, I've been outbid...by a lot), and more and more #15 tees and Jerseys are being spotted in the CBJ community. So join us on the DD train - just remember, I'll see your Dorsett fandom and raise you any day of the week. #becausehesawesome

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