Monday, August 15, 2011

Did You Ever Believe?...Well I Sure Do! CannonFest 2011

We have clarified that I may have some obsessive tendencies. So, if you were at CannonFest on Sunday, you may not be surprised to know that I have purchased Vox Populi by 30 Seconds to Mars as my dear friend Tom (@Skraut_) has successfully embedded it into my brain as the latest, most endearing earworm (and yes, its playing now).

If you follow the Blue Jackets blog community, you have most certainly read the many wonderful recaps by our most prominent residents...

Ken shares how Sunday made us all Part of Something Special

And so many more...

So, as I've said many times, I leave the Hockey heavy-lifting to my many esteemed colleagues listed above and more. I'll just share with you my take on a truly amazing weekend.

Its a real treat when a shared love, in this case hockey, brings people into your life who make spending time together a pleasure. So here's what CannonFest means to me...and, far as I can figure, these are the things that only CannonFest (and BlueJackets love) can provide...(and I'm intentionally) not linking ;)

.Watching Rick dance in a kilt
....Actually finding out who is behind The Dark Blue Jacket (I bow down in your greatness)
..Mary's curls...and tattoo...
...Dannie. Drinkin' Boones Farm like a cowboy...on a swing, out of the bottle
.Amanda - adorable as ever...asking when we can bring in the Boones ;)
....Jeff harassing me about my DD Love
..Finding out who is behind NickRash
...Consoling Julie on the loss of Jake
.Seeing how freakin' cute that database of sports that is Lori Schmidt is
....Betting Clay Hall a round of drinks that we're getting to Playoffs Round 3
..Watching Gretchen tear up as Tom thanks her and introduces his videos
...Catching a glimpse of Matt - soaking in the product of all his hard work - with the very best smile I've ever seen
.Recognizing people from their Twitter pictures
....Random chants of "Leo" and "Let's Go Jackets!"
..People knowing to look at me for some ridiculous reaction whenever Derek shows up on the video highlights (yes, that was a wraparound goal thank you very much! ;) )
...Comparing photos of "pocket dogs" with the "Martini" family
.Matt making hosting a couple hundred people at his business on a Sunday look easy

It all culminated, as so many of my peers have said, in watching Tom's videos. I'm posting them here - again - because I've still met some people who haven't yet seen them. So watch them. Share them. Tweet them to your friends tweet them to the players! 

First off (Nice goal, DD!) Jump Start My Heart

And my personal favorite...A Call to Arms (chills)

Like I said, this blog isn't sharing anything revolutionary that any of my peers haven't already said. Its simply my way of telling you that we've got something going here, fans. We're building a Blue Jackets community that's not only some dedicated peeps, but some darn cool folks. People who are fun, smart, hilarious and who I am very much looking forward to seeing again soon. I say without hesitation that this weekend filled me with a whole lotta smiles, laughs and love for each of you.


 ...and no, you're NOT going to see the posting of me on Channel 6 on this here blog ;)

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